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Product Photography




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Product Photography Project


Kristina Hernandez_Thanksgiving_P1_donate.jpg


P6 Kim Hollie - Thanksgiving Drive Poster Thanks.jpg




brianna moran p5 food drive poster-Schoolloop.jpg


Marchell Odams food drive poster Schoolloop.jpg


christian food posterp1a.jpg


Donate - P1 - JayJAy Kuewa Thanksgiving Poster.jpg

The Project


Each year the Digital Studio Photographic Imaging classes collaborate to experience the Product Photography you see in these pictures. The outcome is a dual purpose advertisement (two versions) that encourages student participation in the Annual OHS ROTC Thanksgiving Food Drive. The second version of the advertisement offers a "Thank You" to those who helped make the food drive successful.

This project provides students with experience in taking a basic thought and developing it through a multi-step production process. The outcome of this work is a visual communication that promotes a project to help other people.

Students learn how to use the cameras in manual focus mode, compose the pictures, work with other people, use tripods and take responsibility for producing in focus and correctly composed images... within a deadline.

Post production work (after the photos are taken) involves students using the world's most powerful image manipulation software (Adobe Photoshop) to create compelling and professional looking visual messages.

 Some of the examples of this work are displayed here on the left.