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Computer Animation


Welcome to
3D Computer Animation Class


Welcome to 3D Computer Animation class

Chess-Explosion-closeup.jpgFrom gaming to CSI to sports, education, medicine, law ... ANIMATION is EVERYWHERE! In this class you team up with ohers who enjoy learning how to apply creativity to the basics of animation. You create your movie: Creature heads, chess pieces, logos, text, sound, story boards and much more... all moving to the rhythm and design you envision and then create using one of Hollywood's choices for animation - AutoDesk 3ds Max.. This class meets State of California Performing Arts A-G Standards. 

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Animation Careers

This list is courtesy of Platt College San Diego

3D Animation Careers

Concept Artist

Creates original characters, objects, environments, and storyboards for a variety of visual productions.

Animator/Character Animator

Lends movement to characters and objects in a game, commercial, TV show, or animated feature.

3D Environment Artist/Modeler

Designs and builds 3D landscapes and structures for use in a variety of media productions.

Visual Effects Artist

Specializes in special effects projects including digital effects, stop-motion, and composite imagery.

Game Designer

Uses graphic design, animation, and coding techniques to invent and build interactive games.

Storyboard Artist

Develops sketches of the story that will guide the animation department in development of characters and effects.

Character Modeler/Rigger

Conceptualizes and builds 3D computer-generated characters, including generating skeletal structures and surface simulations.

Creative Director

Oversees all creative projects and staff.

Technical Artist

Enhances game content and maintains workflow from 3D inception to finished game.

Match Mover

Matches computer generated character and object movement to real world actions.


Animates all non-character objects, from vehicles to natural phenomena.

Special Effects Animator

Manages specific shots or visual effects in live action or computer animated features. 

Be A Peer Tutor

Students completing this class, please consider the opportunities of being a Peer Tutor next year. Formally called TA's, Peer Tutors help the students with assignments and learn valuable administrative skills managing some of the paper work connected with running the Digital Studio. This is a super opportunity to work with your friends and continue learning photography. When I worked in the corporate world we called this position an "Administrative Assistant." This is powerful experience to have on your resume. As a side benefit, people who work as my administrative assistants / Peer Tutors, receive a free copy of their Graduation Photos DVD (I take the candid shots each year) and a customized professional letter of reference.

If you know qualified students who might be interested please contact me now.