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Watch the OHS NY Sailors "Thank You Pirates" movie.

How it started...From across the continent we send our very best greetings and hope you all have a much better New Year!

Click the links below to view the visual greetings sent by the Oceanside High School, California, Digital Studio Interns, OHS Band and Art Department to all of you. 

Period 1   Period 3   Period 4  Period 5  Period 6 Band  Art

The student work you see when you click the above links is just a sampling of the gestures of concern and goodwill which have been extended to OHS NY from OHS CA students in various departments.  Thank you to Azim Khan, OHS CA PASS AmeriCorps  for encouraging all OHS CA faculty to get involved.

Oside City Council Thanks Students

Oceanside Mayor & City Council Thank Students

Oceanside City Council Statement of Recognition

Chip Dykes Photo OHS OSIDE City Council-12-3-14a 27.jpg

Chip Dykes Photo (L-R) ​Students: Daja Marks, Alexis Andres, Jacob Lefthand, Briana Boyes, Soleil Navarro. Oceanside Unified School District Board of Education Members: Lillian Adams, Clerk, Emily Ortiz Wichmann, Vice President and Dr. Adrianne Hakes, President. Faculty and Staff: Paul Ruez – Animation and Photography, Toni Chaney – Education Specialist, Nicol Martinez – Assistant Principal OHS and Dr. Ron Pirayoff, OHS Principal. Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood.

We recently passed the two year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy. Two years ago, recognizing the suffering being endured by students at Oceanside High School in Oceanside, New York, the OHS NY Sailors, students, faculty and staff at Oceanside High School in Oceanside, California, reached out to their counter parts across the nation and shared heart felt gestures of support, caring, compassion and concern.

Our OHS Pirate willingness to help those in need was very clear on the Thank-You-Video that was sent a few months after the disaster by the OHS Sailors at Oceanside High School, NY, to our OHS Pirates, here at our Oceanside High School. 

This Pirate gesture of support began as the east coast of the US was being slammed by Super Storm Sandy. Mr. Azim Khan, AmeriCorps Program Coordinator at our Oceanside High School sent an email to faculty and staff inviting participation in having OHS Pirates send their support to OHS Sailors in NY.  Within a few weeks over 650 pieces of art, letters and digital posters were sent to the OHS Sailors from our OHS Pirates. A similar effort was coordinated by Regina Ashcroft at South Oceanside Elementary School.

While many of the students who participated have graduated, this month Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood (OHS Pirate ’66) and the City Council took time to pause to recognize the Pirate Spirit of Relationship Building that is mentored and taught here at our Oceanside Unified School District. In viewing this Thank-You-Movie we acknowledge and thank the OUSD students, faculty and staff who reached across the continent in time of need with tangible expressions of support, caring, compassion and concern.


Oceanside High School Students, Faculty and Staff Present at ceremony are listed below the photo.

Pledge of Allegiance for this City Council Meeting was led by:
Oceanside High School MCJROTC (Marine Corps Junior ROTC) Lance Corporal Christopher Vasquez


Other key contributors not present:

Dr. Chris Hurst – Principal at OHS during this outreach effort (now Deputy Superintendent OUSD)

Regina Ashcroft – South Oceanside Elementary - Special Ed Teacher

Azim Kahn & Adriana Trujillo – PASS AmeriCorps Program Coordinators and project originator

Stephanie Farquhar - AVID Coordinator

Kevin Grump – Computer Graphics

Kim Roy – Health Academy

Anna Ward – Art Department Chair