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Making Money - Important

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RuezArt Tutorials

theNewBoston_logo.pngNeed help with your Photoshop CS6 or 3ds Max 2017 Animation -or- how about algebra, biology or chem? Dial in Bucky Roberts on YouTube.

LEARN from Nicole... a Professional Photographer, Photoshop Expert & Author.

Watch the Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5 tutorials on Adobe TV.

Join the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)

Some of you have asked me to recommend cameras.

Considering the variables involved in choosing a camera I share the attached and invite any questions you may have.

ALSO… when you get that special camera if you have an old one gathering dust and feeling lonely – if it is a digital camera that works, please donate it to the Digital Studio. And if you have any SLR film cameras to donate, I use those as training aids to show my students how a camera works. 

Happy Holidays and SMILE.. click click! 
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Bell Schedule

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6 Unbelievably Bad Fast-Food Breakfasts

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Your body needs the right fuel to function. If you are feeling slow, tired, anxious, etc. look at what you are eating. Of course also consider how much exercise your are getting or not getting. Medications also can change how you feel. If you have questions talk to the school nurse, your health care person and also do your own research - take responsibility for your health, both physical and mental. It is your body, feed it what it needs!

5 Foods to Feed Your Child With ADHD—and 5 to Avoid
"Don't feed your 

What's a Jabberwocky you ask?? Come to class and you get to fight the Jabberwocky and WIN!!

Nutrition choices  that may help or worsen symptoms of ADHD. Credit: Content provided by msn


Your ROP program has benefited me a lot throughout my college years. The class inspired me to invest in an SLR camera and I have used the skills I learned through the ROP program to take wonderful pictures for my public and personal use. Also, because of the skills learned in the Graphic design class, I landed a job as a designer for a clothing company PST Gear ( And was also offered an internship with a clothing company called FAMOUS STARS AND STRAPS. It is not just graphic design and digital photography that we learn in Mr. Ruez ROP classes, we learn business aspects. His examples of what is pleasing to the eye and what is creative to be able to build a customer base. I am currently a business major and with my graphic design skills given to me through the ROP program, I am able to make myself stand out more through my digital techniques to land jobs and internships focused on my major. Overall, taking the ROP classes at OHS has vastly expanded my knowledge of the digital world and has advanced my business strategies in the marketing and advertising settings. Discontinuing these kind of of classes can truly hinder the potential that a future designer, photographer, or business person can discover. 

Thanks Mr. Ruez!!!! 

Patrick Mandac


Watch the OHS NY Sailors "Thank You Pirates" movie.

How it started...From across the continent we send our very best greetings and hope you all have a much better New Year!

Click the links below to view the visual greetings sent by the Oceanside High School, California, Digital Studio Interns, OHS Band and Art Department to all of you. 

Period 1   Period 3   Period 4  Period 5  Period 6 Band  Art

The student work you see when you click the above links is just a sampling of the gestures of concern and goodwill which have been extended to OHS NY from OHS CA students in various departments.  Thank you to Azim Khan, OHS CA PASS AmeriCorps  for encouraging all OHS CA faculty to get involved.

Paul Ruez.

Welcome to the Digital Studio, where tomorrow's professional digital communicators train today.

Welcome 2019-2020 School Year

Dear Students & Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the Digital Studio… a learning community where you have the opportunity to learn, practice and master two blended skill sets: Digital Communications (Graphic Design and Animation) & Work Place Skills (Decision Making, Goal Setting, Conflict Resolution and Job Finding).

If you are ready, willing and able to manage your distractions, do the class projects on time and play by the rules, you will find this class to be easy, enjoyable and you will learn skills - skills which lead to a more productive and happy academic, professional (career) and personal life. ... if not, please find another class because this will be an extremely difficult semester for you and will waste a lot of time that could be used for learning.

Thank you for making this very important choice to manage your distractions, learn and apply your knowledge. I appreciate and respect you for making this important choice - you have my sincere thanks and respect for your participation in creating a genuine, valuable and respectful learning environment.

Communication between parents, students and teacher (the 3 Success Pieces) is absolutely essential and fundamental to learning and gaining the skills needed to pass academically and learn life skills. For this reason, I require that students and parents (or other approved adult) use Please communicate and help me help your loved one.

 – Please register today. Parents - PLEASE tell me the name of your child AND register as a PARENT.

Animation Class Code @ :      DS3dAnim
Graphic Design:                  
Graphics Class Code @ :     DSGraphics

Thank you for joining our Digital Studio Team. I look forward to working with you as we walk the path of exploration and discovery together.

Paul Ruez, M.Ed.
Photo & Animation Teacher
Work Place Skills Advocate

See some of the class projects:

Graphics & Photo


Pirate Pics After School Photo Workshop

Class Syllabus

Click Class Syllabus 2019-2020

Google Classroom Class Codes

Open Google Classroom:

P1 & 6 Photo Class Code: jj8kbo8
P3 & 4 Graphic Design Class Code:  h50zo4v
P7 Pirate Pics Code: nk5jonc

All Parents & Students... 2019 - 2020

Parents & Guardians: Remember to click Parent & tell me who your student is.
Graphics Class Code @ : 
Pirate Pics @: ppics19-20



Available Classes

These classes are available in the
OHS Digital Studio:

Graphics & Imaging   -  Mr. Ruez
3D Computer Animation   -  Mr. Ruez
(click links in column to the left)

TV / Video Communications  -  Mr. Zimmerman
(Click the above links to learn more)

Decision Making Lesson

Day 1     Day 2    Day 3   Day 4

Vacation Assignment Worksheets

Click these links for your work sheet.

Photographic Imaging Assignment


If you do not have Microsoft Word just upload these files into your G-Drive and open in Google Docs. Google Docs will open and save Word docs.

When you earn a B or higher in both semesters, pass the Proficiency Test and demonstrate Professional Workplace Behavior ...  you earn  3 FREE college elective units at MiraCosta College. Transfer your three college units wherever you want and or use them at MiraCosta. 

Follow Assignments as shown in AERIES and instructions given in class.

“Hello Digital Studio Interns, I used to sit in the same computer lab where you sit. I am writing to let you know that you have your whole life in front of you and the choices you are making right now determine how your life and the lives of others will go. Please understand, your every action has a consequence. I share this with you from personal experience. A teen chose to drink and drive and my family’s life has been changed forever. Read the driver’s story  and watch my Music Video on YouTube. Please take responsibility for your actions NOW." Jacob Wallis  


Work Place Skills - Your Foundation for Success


These Work Place Skills lessons are designed to give you skills and abilities in: 1. Decision Making 2. Goal Setting 3 Conflict Resolution and 4. Job Finding. With these skills you increase your chances of enjoying a more satisfying and successful personal, academic and professional life.

Job Finding Skills

Job Application Sample 

Job Application Rubric 

Resume Cover Letter Example  
Cover Letter Rubric

Resume Rubric 
Sample Resume

 Job Application  - Must be completely filled in per sample Power Words for Resume & Cover Letter

Decision Making | Goal Setting
Conflict Resolution | Job Finding

These modules are available for presentation in expanded and abbreviated overview formats.

A few of the past public presentations:
Career & College Ready The California Way Annual Conf - 2013 & 2014 Sacramento Convention Center
CALCP-CAROCP 25th Anniversary Conf: Celebrating Career Tech Educ 2014 Rancho Mirage

Click here for more information


This is powerful experience to have on your resume. People who work as my Administrative Assistant (TA) / Peer Tutor, receive a free copy of their Graduation Photos DVD - I take the candid shots each year - AND a customized Professional Letter of Reference*.... plus VALUABLE experience.

Working in the Digital Studio as my Administrative Assistant combines the experiences of being a TA and Peer Tutor and much more.

Previously called TA's, Peer Tutors help the students with assignments and learn valuable administrative skills managing some of the paper work and technology connected with running a class. This is a super opportunity to work with your friends and continue learning Photography or Animation. When I worked in the corporate world we called this position an "Administrative Assistant."


If you, friends or others would like to learn these skills and receive the other benefits (Graduation Photos) please let me know now. Your time in this position = Elective Credits.


Peer Tutoring with me is  similar to working as an executive assistant intern in the business world.
As a Peer Tutor you learn and exercise skills in these areas:

Work Ethic, People skills, Conflict Resolution, Mentoring

Bookkeeping, Accountability, Organization, Promptness
Communication, Protocol… And more


If you know qualified students who might be interested please contact me now.


*Your Professional Letter of Reference is written to introduce you and your growing skills as an Executive Management level Intern Candidate possessing knowledge and experience as a self starter and reliable team player with the people skills needed to make a positive contribution to the academic and employment positions you seek. You also receive my personal home contact information to assist you and potential employers in following up and supporting your academic and employment searches.

Be A Teacher's Helper

This position is open to former students, students who are out of school early, parents and others. See or email Mr. Ruez

The Work Place Skills
 Decision Making Process



#4 The CONSEQUENCE... what was the result of you acting on your choice?

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LightRoom & Photoshop Tour. 

Above: Digital Studio Interns join with hundreds of industry professionals and attend a day long seminar to learn the latest tips, tricks and techniques from a world respected Photoshopshop & Lightroom expert and author. Sponsored by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals / Kelby Training.


New This Week

Get Your Class Syllabus Here - Click, Download & Read.

Syllabus Self Test (not linked yet)

Use This Knowledge and Succeed
Digital Studio Locker
8/16/14 3:12 PM
1/2/15 5:38 PM

"The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice..."

Remember the first 2 weeks Bell Work on choosing to be 'Conscious Decision Makers.' We become what we THINK & DO... be careful of what you tell yourself is Okay.