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Be A Peer Tutor

Students completing this class, please consider the opportunities of being a Peer Tutor next year. Formally called TA's, Peer Tutors help the students with assignments and learn valuable administrative skills managing some of the paper work connected with running a class. This is a super opportunity to work with your friends and continue learning photography. When I worked in the corporate world we called this position an "Administrative Assistant." This is powerful experience to have on your resume. As a side benefit, people who work as my administrative assistants / Peer Tutors, receive a free copy of their Graduation Photos DVD (I take the candid shots each year) and a customized professional letter of reference.

If you know qualified students who might be interested please contact me now. 

Taking Other Classes

Graduates report using their photography and Photoshop skills in school and on the job. When your friends and co-workers see that you have these skills you will be asked to perform this or that graphic communications task. Can you take my wedding pictures? Can you make my report cover? Etc. Keep applying your interests and skills and you will have fun, continue learning and make money. If you get stuck, look it up on YouTube, or ask me.

Photographic Imaging

Welcome to
Photographic Imaging Class


Click here  and go to the Digital Studio's Home Page for useful resources. 
Click here and to to the Google-Drive for the Digital Studio for even more useful resources and lessons.

This class meets State of California Performing Arts A-G Standards and articulates to Palomar College Photo 120 Digital Photography 1. The Palomar College articulation means that when you earn a B or higher in both semesters and pass your competency tests you earn 3 college credits at Palomar which can be used at Palomar -OR- TRANSFERED to another school.

Click here  and see an example of one of our Photo JesseniaP1-450.jpgProjects: Product Photography.

Students Choose their class Mission

MissionP1.jpgAt the start of the school year students in each class break into groups and write their ideas for what the Mission of their class should be. They present their group ideas to the class as shown in this photo and then as a class consolidate their ideas into the Class Mission Statement.


Photo Caption: (L-R) Nathan Volko, Willian Fry, Romeo Gutierrez, Jared Ruiz Ramos. Jared and teammates present their contributions to the making of the Class Mission Statement.

Digital Studio Mission Statement P1

We are photographers who invest valuable time into taking quality pictures. As students applying our growing knowledge, we use computers, cameras, etc. to design and create our digital projects. We are Tomorrows Digital Communicators and a class of creative photographers      (a.k.a. The Kids of the Future).

By being respectful and showing up to class willing to work… through the use of digital equipment we use our team skills to create and deliver creative digital story telling projects. We learn a blended mix of career technical and work place skills: Decision Making, Goal Setting, Conflict Resolution and Job finding … we use these technology and work place skills for finding satisfying careers and living a more happy life.


Pirate Pics is a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow your photo interests and skills. This after school Photo Op is held on Tuesdays in the Digital Studio. Click blue link to see more.

Pirate Pics is an after school photography workshop. This is a non technical hands on class based on discovery and exploration using cameras in the field (on and off campus) and digital imaging software (Adobe Photoshop) in the lab. Students explore the tools and uses of photography while enjoying the ‘free time’ to ‘play’ with the various opportunities offered through the subject areas offered.


Students completing this class, please tell your friends to sign up for next year NOW. If they are ready, willing and able to manage their distractions and enjoy being creative with cameras and computers... sign up NOW.

Award Winning Digital Studio Interns!

YAdira-Rebecca-PR COAL 4-6-12-450.jpgDigital Period 6 Wins three awards at this year's Carlsbad Oceanside Art League High School Show

Rebecca Kilborn – Robert Johnson Memorial AwardShaelyn P6 COAL Awardee 4-5-12  450.jpgShaelyn Lincoln - 2nd Place
Yadira Gomez - Honorable Mention

Photo Left: Yadira Gomez, Mr. Ruez and Rebecca Kilborn.

Photo Right: Winner Shaelyn Lincoln (third from left) is congratualted by classmates (L-R) Pulega Aumua, Tiana Pasefika and Cassandra Torres.


Concert Photography ROCKS!

Like rocking out... learn creative digital photography and capture the vibes and excitement of your favorite concerts. If you are a musician then you too need these skills to know how to deliver the visual images that paint you as the successful professional you are developing into. Right click here for an introduction to Concert Photography.

News U Can Use

Photographer irks police - goes to jail.

Be careful how you use the power of photography. You have a very powerful tool, use it carefully and apply your people skills. This is the story of someone who needs to understand this. Right click  here to read the story.

Understanding Copyrights

Got some super photos of animals at the zoo? Can you put them on a T-Shirt and make money? Maybe yes, maybe no. Right click here  and read this article and learn more about how copyright law might apply here. This article is just one of many reasons to join the National Association of Photoshop Professionals .

See for further information.