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3D Computer Animation

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Former student earns BA in Animation Game Design

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See Marisol Bernal's animation on YouTube

Marisol Bernal Movie Sprite-450.jpgSee Marisol Bernal's (former OHS Digital Studio Animation Intern)  award winning movie on YouTube:

Tell a friend and let's help Marisol's very thoughtful and creative animation go VIRAL!

This animation won 1st PLACE at the San Diego County Fair Student Showcase.

Be the producer & director of your own animated movie!

AutoDesk Logo.jpgUsing AutoDesk's world famous 3ds Max animation tools you get busy being the director and producer of your own movie! Taking your inspiration, vision and creativity in Chess-Bishop-2.jpghand you mould your brain storming into a working script, story boards, Chess-bishop.jpgsound track and all the pieces needed to deliver your story's message with that Hollywood vibe. Your final production is entered into the San Diego County Fair at the end of the school year. 

Chess Board - Jaime Quinn 3-12_450.jpgModeling the members of your cast, in this case the chess pieces, is learnd. Your modeling skills combined with the awesome power of 3ds Max transform your cast members into realistic looking players.  Your scene takes on that real look as you learn how to convert your ideas into what you want your cast members to look like.

As you learn how to add your special effects you make your scene come alive with action.Chess-Explosion-closeup.jpg Chess-Explosion.jpg