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TRiO/Talent Search

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CSUSM TRiO Talent Search is in the

College and Career Center V-127

About the Program

TRiO Talent Search is a federally funded program through the U.S. Department of Education and in collaboration with California State University San Marcos, Oceanside High School and El Camino High School.

TRiO Talent Search (TS) is a FREE academic preparation program designed to assist 9th-12th grade students in developing the skills necessary to ensure academic success. TRiO TS seeks to identify and assists students who have the potential to succeed in higher education and ensure all our participants graduate high school, enroll in and complete their post-secondary education.

Services Provided Include
Academic Advising
Tutoring & Mentoring
Career Assessments
Transcript & Grade Checks
Exposure to College Campuses
Assistance in Completing Admissions Applications & Financial Aid Applications


  Join TRiO Talent Search

Application Process

Complete a General Application & Program Waiver

  • You can print the application and waiver from the list of forms on this webpage
  • Applications are available at your HS College & Career Center 

All information must be complete

  • All sections are required to be fully completed to determine eligibility
Please return completed applications to the College & Career Center

Eligibility Requirements

To join TRiO/ TS you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled at Oceanside High School or El Camino High School
  • Have some form of legal U.S status (citizens, permanent resident, visa...)
  • Be First Generation College bound (neither parents have completed a four year college degree)
  • Meet the family income levels determined by the U.S. Department of Education ( See Below)

Please note that there are limited spots available for students that don't meet the income and/or first generation criteria

U.S Federal Taxable Income Guideline Effective January 25, 2016
Family Size Income














Please note the income required is taxable income, you can find this on your tax returns Form 1040 line 43, 1040A line 27 or Form 1040EZ line 6

TRiO Staff

Lia Mauga

Director, Outreach Programs

(760) 750-4013


Brenda Aguilar

Academic Advisor

(760) 750-4842