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  • State Senate & Assembly Recognize Digital Studio Students

State Senate & Assembly Recognize Digital Studio Students

A special joint proclamation was issued from California State Senator Mark Wyland and State Assemblymember Rocky Chavez recognizing and honoring the OHS students whose photos, animations and illustrations were on display at the public library. Each of these students received a personalized State Senate Recognition Certificate which reads:

 “Congratulations students! It is my pleasure to recognize the students’ work which was chosen for display in the 6th Annual OHS Art Tour at the Oceanside City Library. In this time of results based education these creative accomplishments are especially important. This work, from two OHS ROP Career Technical Education Classes – Photography and Animation - is the result of students dedicated to learning these skills. These classes instill a blend of work place skills and technology which enrich students’ academic, career and personal lives – the value of Career Technical Education is lifelong. “

 (L-R) OHS Pirate Pics Photography teacher Zach Cordner, OUSD School Board Member Emily Wichmann, OHS Photo/Animation Teacher Paul Ruez, Alex Armendariz, Representing California State Assembly Member Rocky Chavez and State Senator Mark Wyland, OHS Principal Ron Pirayoff and OHS Assistant Principal Saul Watson.  Photo Credit: Jade Brown, OHS Digital Studio Photo Intern.

Each year art from Mr. Ruez's and other teachers' students is presented at the San Diego County Fair Student Showcase. This jurried gallery showing, with over 230,000 visitors during its one month show offers the southern california community an opportunity to see the creative achievements of Ocenaside students. This also offers students an opportunity to have experiences which are very positive enhancements to their resumes and portfolios.  See you at the Fair:

Following the Fair selected pieces of the student art are entered into the Annual Student Art Tour at the Oceanside City Library.

Thank you OHS Foundation. Your generosity goes a long way in helping OHS students enjoy the benefits of displaying their creative achievements in the San Diego County Fair Student Showcase.

(L-R) Student winners OHS Digital Studio Photography Interns Hauns Schuyler (3rd) and Briana Ford (1st)  with teacher Paul Ruez holding 2nd Place Winner Jose Figueroa’s photo and the Joint Proclamation honoring all award winning OHS students from California State Senator Mark Wyland and State Assemblymember Rocky Chavez.  Photo Credit: Nicole Garrepy, OHS Digital Studio Photo Intern.

Student art from Oceanside High School ROP Career Technical Education students is displayed at the Oceanside Public Library during the 6th Annual OHS Student Art Tour. This art, voted on by library patrons, was selected from the award winning student art that was entered in this year’s San Diego County Fair’s Student Showcase.

Paul Ruez, OHS Photo and Animation teacher said, “These creative achievements are important to honor because they represent the fruits of students learning career technical skills which they will use to enrich their academic, professional and personal lives.” OUSD Board of Education Member Emily Wichmann said” We appreciate the recognition given our students by our legislators who acknowledge the value of Career Technical Education.”

Principal Ron Pirayoff added, “This year we were grateful to have Walmart, via out Alumni Foundation, join our long time sponsor to help pay some of the costs associated with our students’ entering their work in the San Diego County Fair.“ In addition to student work entered from regular day class’s, students participating in the Pirate Pics after school enrichment photo program, coordinated by professional photographer Zach Cordner, also won awards at the fair and were displayed in the show at the library.

230,000 see Student Art

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