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Digital Studio Work Place Skills

Do - Share - improve what works...

I am pleased to present these modules at your venues large and small. Conference formats (60 - 90 minutes) are suitable for introductory and overview presentation with selected content expanded on per request.  Please connect with me by clicking the link below. If you attended a presentation and have questions, would like further details beyond the excerpts presented and or care to share what you are doing - please contact me: Paul Ruez

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Career Technical Education Work Place Skills - The Core

Master & Teach Work Place Skills – the foundation for career, academic and personal success.

Decision Making - Goal Setting - Conflict Resolution – Job Seeking

Career & College Ready The California Way Annual Conf - 2013 & 2014 Sacramento Convention Center
CALCP-CAROCP 25th Anniversary Conf: Celebrating Career Tech Educ 2014 Rancho Mirage
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Modules and Embedded Curriculum ... designed to foster value in tomorrow's workforce and beyond.

The Basic Lessons

The Work Place -Hear career professionals share their most important Work Place Skills… what they value in work place behavior from our students.

1. Decision Making Module -Explore a dynamic process that leads to more conscious decision making.

2. Goal Setting Module -Revisit a step by step course of action that leads to getting what we want.

3. Conflict Resolution -Learn the simple 4 Steps to help us hear what is needed and find ways to meet those needs while protecting basic human values.

4. Job Finding – See lesson examples and rubrics. What is quantitative data and how to use it in a resume and cover letter?

The Premise

Most monkeys can move computer mouse or click the shutter release on a camera and even react with some degree of amazement. If we possess certain fundamental skills most of us are trainable and life usually 'works betterfor us when we apply these skills. To increase the odds of enjoying a more successful academic, professional and personal life I suggest that four fundamental work place skill sets are essential.


Goal Setting / Decision Making / Successes

Schools that Actually Work

FranklinCovey / Dr. Stephen Covey
Dr. Harry Wong
Dr. Fred Jones

Conflict Resolution

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
Center For Non Violent Communications

Victoria  Kindle  Hodson, MA*
The No-Fault Zone Game
805-653-0261 or 805-698-3332

Thomas Crum
Aiki Works, Inc.

The Small Schools Movement

Dr. Stuart Grauer

Measuring Happiness in Education
Click link here

Educational Theory

Dr. Anna Miller-Tiedeman*
The New Careering Institute, Inc.


*Work Place Skills Conference Sponsor